Farm Day Friday

Friday is the perfect day to showcase a snapshot of the small corner of rural Australia in which I’m lucky enough to live. But for this Farm Day Friday post a more apt title is Fire Day Friday.

This summer has been a scorching one with a tide of heat waves rolling over Australia. Add lack of rain to intense heat and the result has been a sky-high fire risk. Unfortunately many fires have been caused by dry lightning strikes, car/motor bike exhausts as people pull over in long grass or deliberately lit. And no-one has been immune. Even us.

Dinner one night was interrupted by a neighbour speeding up our driveway to tell us our front paddock was on fire. Cue a frenzy of activity. Horses were yarded, cattle moved, dogs tied in the back of ute. But thanks to the rural fire brigade, twelve fire trucks, two helicopter water bombers and one aeroplane dropping water the fire was contained and stock and dwellings saved. Once the initial threat had passed, a slow-moving storm rolled in giving TV crews and amateur photographers a stunning backdrop to the smouldering paddocks.

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